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“Reviews are more important than your own advertising or PR”

Zoran Pejovic, CFO at Losing Hotels & Villas

“Fast Review plays a pivotal role in boosting our customers’ trust”

Ana Skrinjar, owner of house of Nature

“Fast Review is a tool that came to market in the right time, outbidding the financial cost with the business value. It is uniquely cutting distance from the service provider (hotel, restaurant, bar, etc.) and customer by capturing customer’s feedback at the point of experience while it is still going on, and not being transferred into memory part of the brain. The customer gets an opportunity to give an honest and what is the most important fresh response, while service provider can target all customers, bypassing mercy, and being able to make it right at the point of experience. In this way, market and potential clients get much broader and stronger picture about the service provider, and the whole social media review process becomes more honest and transparent. So, to summarize, Fast Review is a revolutionary product that will change not only social media scene, but also whole review process for good.”


Cluster Commercial Director


“I chose to implement Fast Review solution in Carwiz International network to improve our customer service and reputation management by gathering feedback from our customers in real time. By using Fast Review businesses can quickly identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to meet customers’ needs an expectations. Additionally, Fast Review can help any business to monitor and respond to online reviews and social media comments, allowing them to address any concerns or complaints promptly and improve their overall brand image.”


Founder & CEO at CARWIZ International

Collecting positive online reviews has never been easier.

“We’ve been using Fast Review for a year now, and it’s proven to be a great feedback tool for our clients’ satisfaction with our service. Our rating on Google has increased because it is easier to rate our service. In any case, I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their business.”


Director at Opereta Real Estate Agency

“In the first few months, we experienced an ‘explosion’ of reviews on Google. Additionally, the vast majority of those reviews were positive, indicating that with Fast Review we made the review process much easier, especially for those who wished to give us a high rating. Even after this ‘explosion’, due to the Fast Review tool, we continue to receive a large number of reviews daily.”


Technical director at RED TAXI

“The FastReview application with included NFC cards helped us a lot in the part of managing online reputation. The application itself is easy to use, changes made to the application are updated in an instant. NFC cards have a sophisticated look and were branded according to our wishes. After a very short period of using this solution, we noticed significant positive changes. With this solution, we have the possibility to get many more positive reviews from our users, both in hotels and in our F&B outlets. FastReview helps us collect reviews in a very simple and unobtrusive way, we have the possibility to collect positive reviews on the spot, because yes, it is true that satisfied guests often forget to share their positive experience after their stay, or after using the service. On the other hand, we have also come up with interesting actions for our employees who use this technology, and from time to time we organize actions that represent additional motivation for them. From our side, only recommendations for the FastReview application and we look forward to news from the team of experts behind this solution who are always at our disposal.”


Corporate Quality Control Manager


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