Why Are Reviews Your Best Bet When Marketing Your Hospitality Business and What Is Their Impact On Your Sales?

Why Are Reviews Your Best Bet When Marketing Your Hospitality Business and What Is Their Impact On Your Sales?

In a world where social media platforms and digital marketing dominate our daily lives, the pursuit of going “viral” and creating a buzz has become somewhat of an obsession for many. We constantly see flashy headlines and eye-catching content promising overnight fame and success, enticing us to chase after the elusive dream of internet stardom.

Even a decade ago, 9 in 10 people researched their holiday online before making reservations, whereas 8 in 10 booked their holiday online.

It is expected that in 2023, 700 million guests will book hotel rooms online, which is almost 10% of the global population.

Online sales will generate 73% of revenue in the travel and tourism sector by 2026.

The numbers are staggering and if you want to ensure a piece of that cake for your hospitality business, you should keep in mind several key factors that influence purchasing decisions of your prospective clients. And there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Who is your target market?

Are you relying on the repeat customers?

What percentage of your customers actually return?

Harnessing the Power of Customer Feedback: Why Online Reviews are The Wholy Grail of Any Hospitality Business

If you haven’t already it is time to tap into the power of positive online reviews. It doesn’t matter if you are running a hotel, or a restaurant, reviews are rare marketing gems that transcend market segmentation. They can make customers more likely to trust your business, attract new customers and solidify your relations with the old ones. And the best part? Reviews, as content, do not come from you, or your marketing team. They come straight from the horse’s mouth.

For instance, one of Tripadvisor’s many reports states that…

A whopping 96% of users think that reading reviews is important for their booking process. 83% of users usually refer to reviews before deciding on a hotel. 76% of users depend on guest-uploaded travel photos for decisions.

How does this translate into your sales revenue? Easily, a few more points on the “scoreboard” can double your profits. 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and that’s exactly how online reviews work their magic, they are simply the modern form of the proverbial „word of mouth“.

Where is the catch?

Getting people to actually post about your business is the tricky part, and one that I have already written about extensively.

After they leave the premises of your business, people will post positive reviews only when it is convenient for them to do so, regardless of the incentive and effort on your part. However, if they had a negative experience, they will make sure to fit posting a negative review about your business in their busy schedule, for everyone else to see.

On the other hand, people are far more likely to leave positive reviews about your business while the impression about your product or service is still fresh in their minds.

This is where Fast Review® can help.

Fast Review is the simplest and fastest way for you to collect positive customer feedback, and address any negative feedback, right there and then, while the customer is still “in the house”.

Fast Review solution combines elegant hardware – customised branded cards that use NFC technology to communicate with all mobile phones, and powerful software that allows customers to opt for a platform of their choice when leaving a review. Furthermore, Fast Review can lead the customer wherever you want to take them, be it your social media page, or your latest offer, and as of late, it enables you to monitor what your competition is doing!

With Fast Review features the options are virtually endless, and I will talk about them in the coming posts!

Thank you for reading, and as always, any feedback is more than appreciated.

Petar Aracic, CEO of Fast Review

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